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WHAT in the world is going on at the White House????

Don Lemon

….baaaad Bo.  Rottweiler on order. Come clean.  You knew about the 2011 gunshots.

quote 27 Sep
Your body isn’t a temple. It’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.

Anthony Bourdain.

video 27 Sep

"it’s an experience that’ll melt the innards of your cranium.

Glass Animals - BRILLIANCE.  Intricate, dimensional, complicated, mind-bending…. Thom-York/Beck edgy, musically-mature-beyond-years, surreal innovative compositions and harmonies.  All within Kilby Court garage-lounge magic.  How they shake live: 

"…a gorgeous commingling of syrupy gloop-splattered synths, Yellow Fever funk guitar, alt-J-esque falsetto harmonies and rampant beats that sound like a jungle stampede. They spin an addictive and hugely unique style of music, and though it’s achingly familiar, there’s never any anchoring point – a rare treat in today’s sonic landscape. There’s a delirious opiate aura as their blur the borders of R&B, rock, pop, electronica and soul, and don’t be surprised if you’re sucked into an anachronistic tornado, and promptly blurted into a surreal(er) land of Oz.

…Even if you’re not familiar with the band, it’s well worth taking a gamble and watching them live; as much as it’s an impressive performance, it’s an experience that’ll melt the innards of your cranium." -Larry Day

aside: Can we please have our Samsung Galaxy Note back?!  Barely blurry iPhone 6 testing sample bit, whilst unrestrained dancing in progress. Would have handed the 6 over to David Bayley in a lightning heartbeat in exchange for a living room Glass Animal dance party.  


video 26 Sep

Spirals and smiley faces.Today they are sad faces. “What does obsessive mean? I always tell myself there is a lot to be done. I don’t feel guilty for prettifying our environment.” 

quote 25 Sep
If you want to watch crappy baseball, just watch your kid play little league.

David Sax

photo 25 Sep

Free yourself from you own psyche.  Tame the incessant inner neurotic voices, the melodrama.  A joyous, easy, humorous, powerful read, to confirm you are not mad.  ’But first you have to realize that you’ve been locked in there with a maniac.’

The Untethered Soul

'Your inner growth is completely dependent upon the realization that the only way to find peace and contentment is to stop thinking about yourself.'

video 24 Sep

"In the window before me I can vaguely make out the reflection of my face.  Apart from one eye that is glistening…two deep furrows divide my forehead, one deep furrow intersects each cheek, all of them as if filled with darkness, and with the eyes staring and serious, and the corners of the the mouth drooping, it is impossible not to consider this face gloomy.  What has engraved itself in my face? ….

When I drink I also have blackouts and completely lose control of my actions, which are generally desperate and stupid, but also on occasion desperate and dangerous.  That is why I no longer drink.  I do not want anyone to get close to me, I do not want anyone to see me, and this is the way things have developed:  no one gets close and no one sees me. 

This is what must have engraved itself in my face, this is what must have made it so stiff and mask like and almost impossible to associate with myself whenever I happen to catch a glimpse of it in a shop window.”

Intensity of brow, intensity of word.  Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard stuns and pierces with poignancy in a series of novels of intimate descriptive self.  He allows us a telling journey.  Beautiful man; beautiful writer.  You desire even more of his mind. 

"I have a lot of books here in my study – I haven’t read 80 per cent of them but just the books being here has a kind of effect on me. I truly believe that."

"I’ve never researched a book. If it’s not about my life I invent it."

quote 24 Sep

Crucifixions and beheadings.

-the year 2014.


Nothing learned.  Centuries pass.  Nothing learned.  Anguish.  Men, throughout the ages, disavow, repudiate and egotistically destroy each other.  Humanity; a surreal mystery of insanity and selfishness.  Just be kind;  the unnoticed, denigrated woman in the distance, tries to give voice.  She understands the essence in depth and breadth of a solicitous and life- honoring existence, one of enlightenment, one he cannot possibly comprehend.DIARIO DE UNA CRUCIFIXION. ”There is the man alone before his existence; judge and defendant, victim and executioner of his own nature, both animal and aware being at the same time, abandoned to his passions, orphaned and bereft of a guide, in a worthless fight against himself, he throws his body to the battle.” 

Vintage crucifixion by Ramon Martinez.

video 23 Sep

you and me at the end of the bed, looking at the faded pictures for you to see and me to see 

Kishi Bashi - Bright Whites

video 23 Sep

I’ll let it go ‘cuz I won’t see you later and I’m not allowed to talk it out.  Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher duo.  Brighton birthed, out the gate, eruption of garage grit.  Taste it.  They’re blazing thru Texas at the moment.

Royal Blood - Figure It Out


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