video 11 Feb

Wake up.  WIth coffee, Sochi and JOHNNY WEIR.  Colorful descriptives,  flamboyant attire,  never disappointing as NBC Olympic figure skating correspondent.   Watching thru his eyes and expertise makes the sport all the more enticing.  He radiates in Pink Panther pink with good sport Tara Lipinski, his cohort, one of the few capable of balancing his divine eccentricities.  Add her false eye-lashes and matching flair.

"Have you seen fish fight?  I have.  -contemplating what it might be like for US and Canadian ice dance teams to share the same practice ice and coaching in Detroit. 

"Let’s be honest, it’s all dangerous";  -on death-defying pairs skating.

"She seemed a bit empty behind her eyes today".  -onStephania Berton, Italian pair skater. 

"Just so our viewers know, yellow pants in pair skating is all the rage this year."  -on Ondrej Hotarek.  

We long for another brocade and feathered Johnny Weir competing on the ice.  Not soon likely. 

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